Exciting News Coming Soon:  Our new brand, Stache Toothpicks
We're thrilled to announce that we'll soon be introducing a range of bigger and thicker toothpicks to our lineup!  So we've been working hard to create delicious options that cater to our customers requests, and we made it happen.

Introducing our latest addition to our product line: the bigger and better toothpick, Stache Toothpicks! We've listened to our customers and brought their ideas to life. Experience the difference with our new brand. 

 We can't wait to share these fantastic options with you

Thank you for your continued support.


"Free delivery of your goods, compliments."

"USA shipping always free, No exceptions."

Artisan Crafted

We're as picky as an armadillo when it comes to sourcing the finest materials! We put more love and precision into our products than a Texan grandma's secret recipe! We partnered with local vendors who know their craft better than a rodeo clown

Made with more Texan pride than you can fit in a ten-gallon hat

Crafted with the fierce determination of a woman in charge and with more girl power than a rodeo queen's tiara. Straight outta Texas, where quality and Texas-sized goodness collide

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