Single Flavor Pack

Our toothpicks are made from white American birch Now you can make sure you have the best for the long haul. We're committed to the character of natural ingredients and have no plastic in our packaging

Our toothpicks are subtle at first, building complexity when warmed in the mouth. So take your time and give the boozy phenols a chance to speak; you'll like what they have to say Our toothpicks are known the world over

Pick your pick. 25ct. Per pack, but we throw a few more in just like your favorite bartender

'Unleash the cool in Dad this Father's Day'

Flasks are not included

Flavors :


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Artisan Crafted

We're as picky as an armadillo when it comes to sourcing the finest materials! We put more love and precision into our products than a Texan grandma's secret recipe! We partnered with local vendors who know their craft better than a rodeo clown

Made with more Texan pride than you can fit in a ten-gallon hat

Crafted with the fierce determination of a woman in charge and with more girl power than a rodeo queen's tiara. Straight outta Texas, where quality and Texas-sized goodness collide

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