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Licker Pickers Toothpicks

*Pick A Pick That Packs A Punch*

Pick Your Adventure

Made With All Natural Ingredients Aged In Premium Liquor From Local Vendors In Texas.


Put Down The Plywood

Buck Bland

*Pick A Pick That Packs A Punch*

Happy Hour All Day Long

It's The Weekend On A Monday

Long Lasting Flavor ~ Small Batches


I was not sure what to expect when I ordered the scotch infused toothpicks, but was pleasantly surprised when I received them. Since the toothpicks are a gift, I did not break the seal to taste them; however, the aroma through the packaging was heavenly.

Tracy P.

Nice gifting package and a total hit!

Debra Wheeler

Great product, terrific gift idea, recipient loved them. Outstanding customer service. Would order again!!

Chloe P.

The Best Gift Idea For Those That Have Everything!

James Edwards

I bought these for my Dad who is a scotch enthusiast and favorite region is Islay. These toothpicks taste like Islay scotch. They hold some of the sweeter notes of the scotch, and peat flavor. 

Brad Palmer