"Our tale proves imagination's incredible transformative strength."

. Once upon a time in 2011, I was on the internet and stumbled upon an article about the top 5 weirdest side gigs. Lo and behold, flavored toothpicks made the list! My initial reaction "I could totally rock that!" Fast forward to a wild night of bartending at a local Texas bar. One of our beloved regulars sauntered in, demanding his favorite beverage. As I skillfully poured his drink, a light bulb moment struck me like a lightning bolt - why not turn this flavor into a toothpick? With the enthusiasm of a caffeinated armadillo, I embarked on years of toothpick flavor prototyping. It was a journey filled with bizarre concoctions, countless taste tests, and the occasional accidental pickle-flavored toothpick mishap (yikes!). But fear not, for destiny intervened when a brave friend decided to invest in this wild adventure. With their support, we forged ahead, armed with toothpicks and a dream. And the rest, my friends, is history in the making! So here we are, proudly crafting toothpicks that burst with flavors more exciting than a rodeo clown's outfit. From that fateful internet scroll to pouring drinks behind the bar, we've transformed a crazy idea into a toothpick sensation. Join us on this toothpick-flavoring extravaganza, where we're turning ordinary toothpicks into extraordinary flavor-filled sticks of joy. It's a tale of entrepreneurial spirit and Texas-sized determination. Made with more girl power than the Lone Star flair We're so dedicated to quality that we partnered with local vendors who know their craft delivering the freshest flavors to our doorstep