Made in The Great State of Texas. We're a proud woman-owned business and we wear our hearts on our sleeves (when we wear sleeves... It's HOT here!). So most of the Texan icons tend to be celebrations of our self-expression.

In trying not to take ourselves too seriously, Licker Pickers was the brainchild of a bartender with decades of experience who saw an opportunity blend form with function and celebrate the tastes that made their toothpicks unique. So much so we patented and Trademarked our brand making oral hygiene a pleasure!

What We Do:

  • We Use Premium Spirits From Local Vendors 

  • 100% White Birchwood Toothpicks

  • Made To Order To Guarantee Freshness ~ Small Batches

  • Flavored With All Natural Ingredients

  • We said NO To Plastic Packaging

  • Awesome

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NOTE:  Sold World Wide. We Are Patent Pending & TABC Certified. Don't Be Fooled By Any Others.  

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