Are you finding it difficult to choose just one flavor? Are you captivated by the enchanting array of flavors we offer? Well, now you don't have to decide. Introducing our All-Flavor Variety Pack, Each toothpick is meticulously crafted from all-white birchwood and aged in premium spirits sourced from local vendors
With our All-Flavor Variety Pack, you'll receive a curated assortment of all our exquisite flavors. Each pack contains 5 toothpicks of each flavor, ensuring you have ample opportunity to explore and savor the unique taste profiles. From the subtle notes of whiskey to the rich essence of scotch, our toothpicks offer a sensory journey like no other
To ensure convenient storage and easy access to your toothpicks, we provide a 2-ounce flask toothpick holder. This elegant and practical accessory allows you to carry your toothpicks with style
At our core, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and an unparalleled toothpick experience That's why we source our premium spirits from local vendors, ensuring the utmost authenticity and flavor integrity in every toothpick
Don't limit yourself to just one flavor when you can have them all. Elevate your toothpick game with our All-Flavor Variety Pack and embark on a toothpick adventure
Order your All-Flavor Variety Pack with Flask today.


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Artisan Crafted

We're as picky as an armadillo when it comes to sourcing the finest materials! We put more love and precision into our products than a Texan grandma's secret recipe! We partnered with local vendors who know their craft better than a rodeo clown

Made with more Texan pride than you can fit in a ten-gallon hat

Crafted with the fierce determination of a woman in charge and with more girl power than a rodeo queen's tiara. Straight outta Texas, where quality and Texas-sized goodness collide

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